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What’s your financial personality? Take the quiz

Ever applied a personality-led approach to your finances? Now you can, with a quiz from The Myers-Briggs Company and Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

Everyday money mistakes and how to avoid them

Some ideas on how to reduce your outgoings and help give your bank balance a boost.
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The ultimate finance packing list

Pack smart for your summer holiday with our personal finance packing list.
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Core and service inflation: do you know the difference?

Learn more about how the different elements of Consumer Price Index (CPI) relate to your everyday costs.
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Discover the balance between health and wealth

Finding the happy medium between investing in yourself and protecting your disposable income.
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How did a tulip once cost more than a luxury townhouse?

Introducing 'Tulipmania’, the world’s first market bubble?
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How to avoid “spending regrets”

Are you consumed by buyer’s remorse? Read this to help take control of your spending.
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Five tips for managing your finances in 2023

Find out the UK’s financial priorities for 2023 and our tips to help you budget during the rising cost of living.
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What’s your financial personality? Take our quiz

In partnership with The Myers-Briggs Company
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Picnic for a pound: inflation, purchasing power, and the CPI

What could you buy in 1982 that you can’t buy today? Learn how inflation, and purchasing power are measured by the CPI, and find out what role the Bank of England plays in controlling inflation.
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Money talks: the origin of sayings about money

“Bring home the bacon.” “Go for a song.” Find out where these seven sayings about money came from.
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Money talks: Financial terms we don't have in English but you'll wish we did

These nine words and phrases, borrowed from lands near and far, help describe states of being that the English language doesn’t quite crack.
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Financial Rules of Thumb

What role does traditional advice play in 2022?
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Personal finance quiz

Try our 10 quiz questions on all things personal finance. How will you do?
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What’s the difference between interest and inflation?

Learn more about how the two are linked – and why they can both affect your savings.
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What affects your credit score?

Discover the things that can make your credit score go down, or help to improve it.
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How to succeed at budgeting

There's no one-size-fits-all way to save – find a method that suits you.
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Get to know the Marcus app

Help and tips on how to get the most out of the app
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Home improvement vs. moving house: weighing up your options

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