Money talks: the origin of sayings about money

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DNA isn’t the only thing we inherit from our ancestors; language is passed down from generation to generation too. Excavating the language we take for granted can reveal the footprints of previous generations, like a form of linguistic archaeology.

We took a look at the history of seven sayings about money to find out where they came from, and get a glimpse into the past.

New technology, new language

The popularity of sites like Urban Dictionary suggests that the internet has turbo-charged the rate of language change, making it easier than ever for new sayings to become part of popular speech through viral spread.

When technology becomes obsolete, the words used to describe it can also fall out of popular speech. Some generations might listen to the wireless and go to the pictures, while others will listen to podcasts and stream movies. But the sayings we’ve looked at today show that some words never lose their power, and perhaps even get better over time. 

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